iOS apps for Cinematography

Over the past few years, my iPhone and iPad have become indispensable tools.  Here's some of the apps I find useful.


Artemis Director's Viewfinder - Not the same as looking though the lens but very useful nonetheless.  I use it extensively on tech scouts and a fair amount on set.

pCAM - My go to camera reference and calculation app. It's got everything.  One day I was trying to plan an underwater shot with a housing that had a flat front port.  I needed to know what the magnification factor would be.  I wondered if it pCAM had that.  It did.

Helios - Comprehensive sun position software.

MovieSlate - As long as I'm not shooting day exteriors, I always have a slate and an insert slate in a pinch. I primarily use it to take camera notes because it has several good export options.


ColorWheel HD - Great tool for talking about color with directors and production designers and for setting up color palettes.

myPANTONE - Another nice tool for collaborating with regards to color.

Location Scouting

Panascout - Not the greatest app, but I still use it for sentimental reasons.

MapCamera - Nice when running around town looking at lots of different spots.

MagicPlan - Good for measuring a room when I don't have a measuring tape handy.

SunSeeker - Sun position software - I prefer Helios, but SunSeeker is cheaper.


KnotsGuide - Fun with rope.

TechScout Pro - Can be used to generate lighting lists.  Fun to browse.

ALEXA Pocket

Kodak Cinema Tools

Moviola Camera Guide - Lots of good reference info and can also be used to generate camera equipment lists.


Toland - I don't use this app much, but it's pretty decent for taking camera notes and calculating exposure, filter factors, DoF, etc.

Cine Meter - While I don't rely on it's accuracy, I find the display easy to use when I need to discuss exposure with a director or production designer while walking around set.


MovieLooks & VideoGrade - a couple apps that can do some basic color grading and video filters.  Useful for generating a quick & dirty look when the director asks something like "What would this look like with a bleach bypass?"


Shot Designer - Useful for generating overheads.

BizXpensTrkr - I use it for logging mileage and expenses.  I don't love it but haven't found a better one yet.

Dropbox - I put .pdf camera manuals there for easy access along with visual reference materials, storyboards and scripts related to current projects.

Videos - It's nice to always have my demo reel with me.

GarageBand - Good if one needs a click track for a dance sequence.  I've also used it to drive a subwoofer covered with a swimming cap to launch paint and powders into the air for some high-speed work.  That's fun because rather than saying "roll camera" we say "drop that bass."

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