A Motorbike Friendly Bag of Cinematography Tools - Take 3

My bag of personal tools for cinematography:

Here's a list of the contents:

CineBags Revolution Backpack
    2 - Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiners
    Luggage Tag
    3D Printed Business Card
    Photon Micro-Light II LED Keychain Light
    CineBags Belt Loop Tool Pouch
        Pilot G2 Retractable Pens
        Retractable Sharpie
        Retractable Sharpie Hi-Liters 
        Small Dry-Erase Marker w/ Eraser Cap
        Moleskine Notebook
        4-in-1 Mini Screwdriver
    Cinebags Bottle Pouch
    Camera Compartment
        Setwear Belt
            Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass & Case
            Sekonic Dualmaster L-558 Light Meter & case
            Setwear 2-Pocket Light pouch
                Leatherman Charge Ti
                Leatherman Pocket Knife
                SureFire E2L Outdoorsman
            SetWear Clip-On Utility Pouch
                Chalk holder
                Cardellini Green Laser Pointer
                Retractable Sharpie Marker
                Black Pilot G2 Pen
                iPhone 5 w/ essential apps
            SetWear Glove Clip
                SetWear Fingerless Pro Leather Gloves
        SetWear Journeyman Gloves
        2- Ground Lifters
        Cube Tap
        Pignose Adapter
        Matte Photoblack Tape
        1" Orange Gaffer's Tape
        1" Light Blue Paper Tape
        Gerber box-cutter
        Gorilla Grip Folding Hex Wrench Set - Customary
        Filmtools Lens Cleaning kit
        Assorted 4" lighting gobos

        Skinny-Mini Cardellini Clamp
            Cardellini Green Laser Pointer Clamp
        Mini Cardellini Clamp
        Matthews Mini-Gobo
            Mini 5/8" Spud w/ 1/4-20 Male & Ring
        4 - MatthTies

        MBP Power Adapter & Cable
        Space Blanket
        Rosco Lens Tissue
        Leatherman Charge tool bits
    Front Pouch
        Goldfold Notebook
        Retina iPad 4G 32gb
            Silicone back case
            iPad Smart Cover
            Essential Apps
                Alexa Pocket Guide v6.1
    Laptop Pouch
        17" MacBook Pro (2011)
    Top Pocket
        Sawyer's 99.11% DEET Bug Juice

        Oakley CrossLink Glasses & Case

        Tiffen 1/8 Black ProMist 4x5.65"
        Tiffen 1/4 Black ProMist 4x5.65"
        Tiffen IR ND 1.8 4x5.65"
        Tiffen IR ND 2.1 4x5.65"
        Nitize S-Biner Multi-Clip
            Innova Keychain LED Flashlight
            LaCie USB Thumb drive
            Mega-Combo Wrench
            Gardner Bender Circuit Alert Mini Line Tester
        Top Pocket Zipper Pouch
            Sharpie Liquid Graphite Retractible Pencil
            Panavision Fine/Broad tip permanent marker
            Retractable Sharpie - Ultra Fine Tip
            Silver Sharpie
            1 - BNC Barrel
            1 - BNC T-Splitter
    Left Top Pocket
        G-Tech 750gb HDD w/case
            FW 800 cable
            Mini USB cable
            Micro USB cable
        Lightning Cable
        iPhone 5 charger and cable
    Left Bottom Pocket
        Petzl Headlamp White/Red
        SureFire 6PX Pro
    Right Top Pocket
        SUUNTO MC-2G Global Navigator Compass/Clinometer
        50' Measuring Tape
    Right Bottom Pocket
        Spare 3.2V Li-Ion Batteries
        Spare AAA Batteries
        iPad Charger & Cable