1000 fps Phantom shoot - Part 5 - Results

It took awhile, but the spot for which I shot at 1000 fps with the Phantom Flex finally hit the airwaves:

Finding a Doctor in Vietnam

A couple years ago, I bumped my head on a crane and went to a regular hospital in the Vietnamese countryside for some "sewing" as my director so charmingly phrased it.  They took good care of me, but I'm not so comfortable with language differences when it comes to non-emergency medical care.

Then there was the time I went to an international joint-venture hospital...  I'm pretty sure that the purpose of an IV is to put fluids in, but the staff there seemed to think that it was meant to spray my blood all over the place.  Having shot a horror movie or two, I'm reasonably familiar with methods to achieve the same effect without the use of actual blood.  That was a fairly mild incident in a stay I would describe as a comedy of errors.

So, if you find yourself looking for a doctor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I heartily recommend my physician,  Dr. Mark Siefring.  Dr. Siefring has been caring for patients in Vietnam for the past ten years or so and is well-acqainted with the medical community and resources in Saigon.  When I needed some tests that were beyond the scope of his clinic, he referred me to some excellent local doctors.

In addition to his experience as an Internist and General Practitioner,  Dr. Siefring specializes in Practical Dermatology and Dermoscopy.  For someone who grew up in the desert and spends as much time in the tropical sun as I do, that's a skill set I find reassuring.

In my experience, International S.O.S. is a reliable bet when traveling, however, I spend enough time in Vietnam that I needed to find a primary-care physician.   Dr. Mark fit the bill, and he has taken good care of me.