A lasting and dubious contribution to the English dictionary.

Since my day could not possibly be complete without introducing a couple new words to the English language, here are a pair of neologisms that express my feelings about liability legalese.

Adjective: Cyadyicyte

Cover Your Ass,
Dot Your I's,
Cross Your T's,
Every time

Usage: The cyadyicyte aspects of the EULA were unpalatable, but Jack clicked "Agree" anyway.

And a corollary:

Noun: Cyacyiadyte - an error incurred because of, or in spite of, cyadyicyte practices.

Technically these are both acronyms, however I'd like them to enter common usage in the manner of acronyms like laser, scuba and radar.

That the words cyadyicyte and cyacyiadyte are basically impossible to read, pronounce or distinguish is entirely intentional.

I tested these new words on my friends.  The first person who tried to pronounce them had this to say:
Catchy. It really rolls off the tongue. Say cyadyicyte three times fast. I think my mouth is bleeding.
Oops. That was a cyacyiadyte on my part. I forgot to include a liability waiver. Apparently these new words may pose a health and safety risk.

No one should be surprised if cyadyicyte and cyacyiadyte are not in common usage or do not appear in dictionaries.  Obviously fears about lawsuits precluded it.

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