Search Keywords

I notice that someone wound up on my blog by searching for "eraser gets permanent marker off flashlight lens"

When that happens to me, I typically don't bother looking for an eraser and just use my thumb and index finger to pick up the permanent marker in question.

I assume that this person did not need google to figure that out and was actually looking for ways to erase permanent marker ink from a flashlight lens or other hard non-pourus surfaces.

This also happens to me and when it does, I write over the permanent marker ink with a dry-erase marker and it all wipes off like magic.   YMMV, especially if the permanent marker ink has been there a while.

I hope this helps the next person searching for "eraser gets permanent marker off flashlight lens."   

I really don't mind writing an entry if it will help just one person, but I don't plan to address every interesting google search that comes my way.

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