Notes from my iPhone

So my beloved iPhone that I bought on the first day of availability had a problem. I banged it on a light or got it wet or something. The bottom portion of the touchscreen didn't respond. It was a pain in the neck. As I wasn't able get it repaired in VN and I got ready to retire the poor thing (the next time I went home, Apple replaced it free under a quality program).  I decided to pay tribute to it by putting up some of the notes I'd written on over a year and a half.

Things I wanted to remember, sayings, moments in life, conversation in places too loud to talk.

• Go 23.2 miles after the bridge on the right. Don't take the left fork. Ask for Baldy.
-- Directions to some ancient cave art in Baja Mexico.

• Laredo pig push. That's what they call a dance down there.

• Cracked Crab in San Quentin.
-- It's delicious.  Ask for One-Thumb Joe. Buy him a drink. Then drive to Mulegé and claim your prize.

• The pilot was a guy called Cocaino.

• Full Circle. I'm right where I started, but I've lost my way. Years are gone and what do I have to show for it?
-- School starts again.

• Look, a quarry adjacent to a graveyard. Take out the rocks and put in the people.
-- Da Lat, Vietnam

• Jo, come with me tonight, pls. celebrate 4 my car. i'm so unlucky with foolish car!
-- SMS from an actress

Anonymized - here's a guy who will use a 2000 year-old vase as an ash tray.
-- Last day of production on my first Vietnamese TV Series

• Hi Joel from Joella
Hope all's well & lots of love.
P.S. I really like your phone.
-- A note from my sister

• I can't have plants - I kill them. I stop watering them because I resent having to take care of them.
-- A quotation. 

• Worked today. A lot like it was before. Nice to see the crew folk again. Going to the studio was a little nostalgic.
-- Back in Vietnam.

• I've made a huge mistake. What was I thinking. Yesterday I'm thinking to myself - I don't want to be here. I want to go home. But I'm committed. I don't know why this seemed like a good idea.
-- A low point

• I'm watching a soccer game played on a rooftop 10m square.

• A shadow in the glass
--The literal translation of Vietnamese for reflection.

• Only in Vietnam: I went shopping for a motorcycle and wound up at the wrong funeral.

• A maternity store named balloon.

To foster and restore one's strength.
To strength the function of liver and kidney.
Build up resistance to inaction and penicillin.
-- Label on a box of medicinal tea

• The tomcat decides this is not his thing.
-- Overheard on the TV during a date to the beauty salon. A show about lions. I had a cucumber mask.

• In Russian 2 words for relax
Relax - take it easy.
Relax - remember you are a human being.

• Flooded lowland. Villagers in the water hitting swimming mice with sticks and collecting them, presumably to eat.

• I would like to teach you Vietnamese traditional song, but you must cut out your tongue in order to sing it.

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