A motorbike friendly bag of tools; Take 2

On my 17th birthday I received a tool kit.  I thought it was the worst present ever.  I now spend a significant portion of my disposable income on tools.  I've written on the subject before.

Recently, the time came to retire my beloved CineBags Cinematographers Bag.  After three years of cruel abuse, the shoulder strap finally gave up.  It also turns out that a heavy, over-the-shoulder bag is not so motorcycle friendly.  Too many motorbikes on the road.  Handlebars can tangle with shoulder straps.  Kind of a safety hazard.  

I limit my possessions to two carry-ons, two suitcases and three toolboxes, so I am pretty particular about my bags. I loved my cinematographer's bag more than I've ever loved a bag, but it was time to try something else.  

So I bought a CineBags Revolution Backpack.  I do not use in the manner for which it was designed, which has some minor drawbacks at times, but it's working out very well for me.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.  The Special Edition fits nicely with my signature colors.

These are the things I carry for a one-bag day (when I leave the toolboxes at home).  The gear gets heavy, so I pull the computer gear if I can not imagine a need for it on that particular day.  If I'm going to be shooting in tight quarters, I throw in some more light rigging gear from my grip box.  

The new bag holds much more than the old one, so photographing the contents presented a bit of a challenge.  All packed, my backpack looks like this:

I make movies for a living, so I like to sport CineBags.  They are useful, so I own a few.  "Life on Location" is a good way to describe the last four years of my life in Saigon.

That rain cover sure comes in handy during the Vietnamese rainy season.

More pictures and an itemized list of the contents after the jump.

"RBF" Always good for a smile.

Folks do take notice when I pull my business card from that holder.  

The backpack has many pockets, but I added a pouch because I wanted to get to my pens faster. 

This bag is designed for carrying a camera kit.  Using it to hold my tool belt and a selection of tools is sub-optimal, but not so bad.  I organize my bag so that I can immediately grab any given item with my eyes closed.  I don't think I've had time to get proficient with this one yet. 

Here's my tool belt and the other stuff which I store in the camera compartment:

Here's what I put in the other pockets:

And here's a few more pictures because my blog editor took the night off.

One can never have too many flashlights on set.  Sawyer's 99.11% DEET bug juice is a tropical essential.  

As promised, for the truly curious, here's an itemized list.  I'm prepping to shoot a feature, so I needed to make the list anyway.  I still think it's crazy, so I won't mind if you do too.

CineBags Revolution Backpack

2 - Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiners
Luggage Tag

CineBags Belt Loop Tool Pouch
Pilot G2 Retractable Pens
Retractable Sharpie
Retractable Sharpie Hi-Liters 
Small Dry-Erase Marker w/ Eraser Cap
Moleskine Notebook
ID holder
Photon Micro-Light II LED Keychain Light

Camera Compartment

Setwear Belt
Filmtools Gaffer's Glass & Lindcraft pouch
Sekonic Dualmaster L-558 Light Meter & case
Setwear 2-Pocket Light pouch
Chalk holder
Leatherman Charge Ti
Gerber box-cutter
Innova 5-LED flashlight
SetWear Clip-On Utility Pouch
Cardellini Green Laser Pointer
Retractable Sharpie Marker
Black Pilot G2 Pen
iPhone 4S w/ essential apps
SetWear Glove Clip
SetWear Pro Leather Gloves

Gill Sailing Gloves (thumb & forefinger exposed)

Mega-Combo Wrench
Line Tester
2- Ground Lifters
Cube Tap
Pignose Adapter

Matte Photoblack Tape
1" Orange Gaffer's Tape
1" Light Blue Paper Tape

Skinny-Mini Cardellini Clamp
Cardellini Green Laser Pointer Clamp
Mini Cardellini Clamp
Matthews Mini-Gobo
Mini 5/8" Spud w/ 1/4-20 Male & Ring

Space Blanket
Waterproof case for iPhone 4S
Demo Reel DVD's

Front Pouch
Goldfold Notebook
Retina iPad 4G 32gb
Silicone back case
iPad Smart Cover

Laptop Pouch
17" MacBook Pro (2011)

Top Pocket
Sawyer's 99.11% DEET Bug Juice
Tissue Paper

MBP Power Adapter & Cable

4x5.65" Tiffen 1/8 Black ProMist Filter
4x5.65" Tiffen 1/4 Black ProMist Filter
4x5.65" Tiffen 1/4 White ProMist Filter

Top Pocket Zipper Pouch
Sharpie Liquid Graphite Retractible Pencil
Retractable Sharpie - Ultra Fine Tip
Black Pilot G2 Pen
Silver Sharpie
Lens Cloth

Left Top Pocket (has CineBags artwork)
G-Tech 750gb HDD w/case
FW 800 cable
USB cable

Left Bottom Pocket
iPad Charger & Cable

Right Top Pocket
SUUNTO MC-2G Global Navigator Compass/Clinometer
Big Measuring Tape
Small Measuring Tape
no-name ultra bright LED flashlight
Business Card Holder - with cards

Right Bottom Pocket
Petzl LED Headlamp White/Red
Spare SureFire 3.2V Li-Ion Batteries
2 - MatthTies

Optional Grip
[   ] Kino bulb holder w/ 5.8" baby pin
[   ] #2 Grip Clip w/ 5.8" baby pin
[   ] Putty Knife w/ 5.8" baby pin

Not pictured...
[   ] LaCie USB Thumb drive
[   ] Leatherman tool bits
[   ] 4-in-1 Mini Screwdriver
[   ] Earplugs
[   ] Small Red Laser Pointer
[   ] Spare AAA Batteries
[   ] Panavision Fine/Broad tip permanent marker
[   ] Pelican VB3 2-LED flashlight
[   ] Small Filmtools Lens Cleaning kit
[   ] Insert Slate


Kabatap said...

This bag is definitely motorbike friendly. I had one on the back of my CBR600rr for a cross country motorcycle trip to carry my C100.

Mario the Artisan Rogue said...

Love the bag set up! Serious pouch/gear envy going on here. I use a gearbunker slingbag for my daily/art usage, and like you rely on batteries for a few things. I did a review on a rechargeable battery line made by a company called SunLabz, and let me tell you, the batteries they make are rechargeables that act like nons in that they hold charges for long long periods of time. I've been using them for my Nebo light and some of my other electronics. Great write up man, sincerely. - Mario, the Artisan Rogue

Vickie W. Wilson said...

This motorbike friendly bag of tools is so cool, great list,But I am worried that it is too heavy and to carry.