Headlines from The Onion again found in real news

P&G To Lay Off 1,600 After Discovering It's Free To Advertise On Facebook

What a great story for The Onion. Instead, it's in Business Insider. The article is actually about the sensible business of P&G trying to keep marketing costs in line with revenues. After getting that out of the way, the article proceeds to fall over itself with the usual breathless paeans to social media and copious references to P&G's exceptionally successful Old Spice campaign, which garnered 1.8 billion free impressions. The operative word there is exceptional. The real onion-worthy writing came when the reporter mocked P&G CEO Robert McDonald for not having a twitter feed.

To paraphrase The Ad Contrarian: Because what consumers really want is to read tweets from the CEO of the global conglomerate that manufactures their underarm deodorant.

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